Real-Time Technology

Solarmapper is constantly developing innovative technology solutions to optimise its integrated real-time simulation capability. By improving detailed performance simulation for PV system components as well as allowing for proprietary real-time data acquisition, Solarmapper ensures continuous data quality of its simulation software.

Near Real-Time Technology

Solarmapper's algorithm utilises satellite derived hourly surface solar irradiance data to simulate the performance of solar systems in near real-time. The data sets come with 0.05 degree spatial resolution and 4 hours timeliness. Simulation using near real-time surface solar irradiance becomes available once a project has been created with Solarmapper's software solution.

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Real-Time Technology

Solarmapper converts all-sky-images into real-time direct and indirect solar radiation data which enables highly realistic performance simulations of PV systems. The method is based on dynamic sky object recognition and computation of the suns trajectory. Combined with local temperature and wind speed, the algorithm provides input for highly detailed real-time performance simulation of solar systems. In combination with Solarmapper's easy-to-install hardware equipment [see page end] this technology feature supports real-time simulations anywhere in the world.

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Component Simulation

With being capable of measuring direct and indirect solar radiation and accounting for local temperature and wind speed, Solarmapper is also able to conduct in-depth simulations with PV system components individually. Simulation capabilities comprise cell-level panel analysis, partial shading impact analysis and inverter MPP tracking, such as analyses of bypass diodes and power optimisers. The technology empowers Solarmapper to provide solar installers with unique customer acquisition services, which allow users to compare various system components and make informed investment decisions.

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Forecasting Capabilities

Building on top of real-time data capturing and performance simulation, Solarmapper is currently developing its short-term intra-hour PV output algorithm. The algorithm collects data from a network of all-sky-cameras with overlapping ranges that are capable to capture the movement of atmospheric objects. The rolling forecast is based upon dynamically assigning vectors to moving atmospheric objects. Forecasting capabilities support all stakeholder parties with essential information for grid management purposes in small and large scale.

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Solarmapper hardware set



Solarmapper's easy-to-install all-sky-camera allows for real-time data acquisition globally. With its 360° / 180° view the high-resolution camera captures all-sky-images in a timely series. These images are then processed for sky object recognition and classification. The camera features outdoor casing, "power-over-the-ethernet " (PoE) power supply and communication via common network cables. The camera is easy to install and requires no particular maintenance. In combination with Solarmapper's consumption users obtain the possibility to simulate highly realistic system performance scenarios.


Consumption Monitor

Solarmapper’s low-cost, easy-to-install and accurate consumption monitor is designed for in-depth analyses of homeowners actual energy consumption patterns. Further it allows real-time measurement of not only energy consumption but also its generation currents. It features electricity usage data every 30 seconds and an internal backup and storage through secure networking. Through contactless power sensing, in both single and three-phase configuration, the monitor is ideal for distribution towards end customers. (Android mobile application is available for download)