Software features

Solarmapper has revolutionised customer acquisition in the global solar industry. By allowing homeowners to experience personalised virtual PV systems in real-time, PV businesses pre-qualify their leads before executing cost-intensive site visits. This helps effectively allocating resources towards highly qualified leads and increasing conversion rates accordingly.

Be quick and accurate to map any PV site in the world, ...


Global Project Simulation

Solarmapper’s universal software algorithm allows users to create and simulate PV projects anywhere in the world.


Virtual Site Assessment

Solarmapper’s site assessment tool allows for users to virtually assess hundreds of sites per day.


Accurate System Design

Solarmapper’s sketching tool allows for quick and accurate PV system design and provides quotations based on default or customized settings.

... individualise any virtual PV system with personal information, ...


Economic Information Input

Solarmapper allows for adjustable analysis settings regarding regional economic information and PV system specific data (e.g. electricity pricing, feed-in tariffs, system depreciation rate, system inefficiency rate, etc).


Consumption Information Input

Solarmapper’s users individually adjust their personal consumption profile or make use of Solarmapper’s unique consumption monitor for automatically receiving exact energy profiles.


Storage Information Input

Solarmapper’s storage option is unique and, if enabled, provides users with accurate real-time data on different storage scenarios which can be easily compared.

...and learn about the actual PV performance in real-time!


Daily Analysis

Solarmapper‘s daily performance analysis feature allows users to analyze any site‘s real PV potential in detail and to provide its potential customers with accurate and realistic information on a daily basis.


Annual Analysis

Solarmapper‘s annual performance analysis feature provides users with detailed information on actual and historical energy generation and consumption.



Solarmapper’s system optimization analysis helps users to plan and optimize the perfect system constellation by finding the best possible return on investment, internal rate of return and overall electricity bill reduction percentage.