About us

Solarmapper is a software company offering virtual real-time simulation of integrated photovoltaic and storage systems. It offers its software solution for customer acquisition related services and sees its main mission in making PV downstream more efficient.



By providing real-life PV simulation experience, Solarmapper effectively connects homeowners with PV businesses. It helps them to save money and increase sales at the same time and accordingly makes customer acquisition processes in the PV industry efficient.



Solarmapper envisions a future of solar energy being accessable and predictable for every homeowner. With improving the educational background for PV energy, Solarmapper strives to allow solar to become the largest energy source and therefore contribute towards a cleaner planet.



Solarmapper represents an open-minded and international company. It stands for a creative and passionate but professional working environment and presents honesty and respect as its key values. Solarmapper stands out for its problem-solution approach.


Branimir Rushkov


Prior to founding Solarmapper, Branimir was responsible for several industrial projects. For seven years he worked at EPIQ Electronic Assembly as a project manager to oversee wiper projects for FORD, PSA, GM and Audi platforms. In 2008, he was appointed business development manager at Solarpro, a thin film PV manufacturing company. In 2011, he founded Solarmapper as a global web-based B2B and B2C open software platform. Branimir obtained a Master in Electronics & Electric Measurements from Sofia Technical University.


Boris Georgiev


Boris gained his professional experience at Melexis NV where he leads a team of IT specialists, responsible for the implementation and the administration of a corporate ERP system. He has vast experience in designing, building and maintaining complex enterprise solutions - mainly database-driven, web-based systems for statistical process control, business process management, and business intelligence. In 2011, Boris co-founded Solarmapper and since then has managed the company’s IT development and implementation. Boris is an engineer, he obtained a Master in Micro-Electronics from Sofia Technical University.


Andrei Shervashidze


Andrei is a process control engineer. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, he started his career as an industrial project manager. At Siemens, Andrei worked as a process Control Engineer and Project Manager for the Systemcommerce Inc. Later, he managed projects involving Siemens, Valmet and Honeywell Control Systems. Since 2003, he is a co-owner and manager of Grossmarkt Sofia, responsible for real estate investments and growth strategy. Andrei has invested in several PV projects.