Real-Time PV System Simulation

Solarmapper helps photovoltaic companies to educate simple leads before entering a cost-intensive sales process. Through the customized integration of its "try-before-you-buy" simulation software, Solarmapper helps to effectively increase lead-to-customer conversion efficiency and at the same time reduce customer acquisition related costs.


Software Service

Solarmapper is an independent SaaS PV platform that helps businesses to assess, understand and categorize the solar potential of homeowners


PV Analytics

Solarmapper offers photovoltaic site assessment and project design software which allows for real-time virtual system performance simulation


Customer Acquisition

Solarmapper’s software serves as an innovative tool which cost effectively connects PV installers with homeowners who want to go solar


Lead Education

Solarmapper offers realistic virtual PV simulation based on individualised consumption profiles and helps to educate simple leads on the benefits of going solar


Lead Conversion

By educating leads, businesses can easily erase the existing unpredictability of going solar and therefore increase lead-to-customer conversion rates significantly


Process Efficiency

Solarmapper allows businesses to reduce customer acquisition spending by pre-qualifying leads before proceeding with cost-intensive site visits